I have been working in the hair industry going on 8 years now and in doing so have developed a passion for my work and a flare for hair. One of the best aspects about coming to work is meeting all different kinds of people and learning that each customer is unique in there own style, and is always teaching me something new. I love that people walk in maybe feeling 'not so good about themselves' or may 'have had a bad day at work', sit in my chair talk about life's obstacles, and have them walking out with a smile on their face, looking and feeling amazing.
Hair is a form of art. An old mentor of mine once said tome  "everyone can cut/colour hair, but its how well you create it that counts, that's what keeps people talking and keeps them returning". What i do is a very personal job, to have people that allow you to enter their personal space is quite something. I take pride in my work and  my passion as a stylist grows with each client I meet.
I keep my eyes open for any new fashion an trends in season. Attend courses and always looking ways to better my business.  This is my first business and I'm so ecstatic with what's to come in the near future. I Believe in challenging myself will create success.